Certified PSYCH-K Facilitator

Certified Qigong Instructor & Practitioner

“Stephanie is a wonderful practitioner. She is professional, adept, perceptive, intuitive and kind in her roll as a PSYCH-K Practitioner. Having tried some other therapies I can honestly say that PSYCH-K has been the most wonderfully effective in helping change unwanted thought patterns and behaviors. It is quick, simple and gentle and I highly recommend Stephanie and PSYCH-K to you all. ”

Anne M. - Surrey, UK

“I had a Psych-K session with Stephanie and my clarity, self-esteem, and energy have improved significantly! Stephanie's warm, patient and knowledgeable approach throughout the process made me feel very comfortable in the areas of self-improvement I wanted to address. A session with Stephanie proved to be so valuable and really helped me solidify new, positive beliefs within my subconscious.”

Tina S. - Torrance, California

About Stephanie

I am inspired each and every time I discover another layer of who I am and how I can make a difference in the world around me. I love sharing the wisdom I have come to know and look at each challenge as an opportunity to learn and to grow.

Throughout my adult life, I have experienced and studied many Mind/Body healing modalities. I have been blessed with many wise teachers and have gathered a fair share of tools along the way. I have also learned to develop and listen to my intuition.

In 2009, I was introduced to Qigong, which has brought me great "joy" and improved health through my daily practice. Over the next two years, I enthusiastically began studying with several Qigong instructors, each with their own variations and techniques of an Ancient Chinese Mind, Body, Spirit Meditation and Movement discipline. I completed certification training in Medical Qigong, which deepened my knowledge of the many health benefits to include enhanced energy, an improved state of relaxation, balance and a greater sense of wellbeing. In 2011, I became a Certified Qigong Instructor. I have a passion for learning and now love to teach and inspire others looking for more quality in their lives. I also offer energy balancing sessions for improved health and wellness for the mind, body and spirit.

We all have moments in our lives where we experience pain, trauma or loss. I choose to name those moments, “Moments of Opportunity”. In 2013 I was faced with a life challenging experience of my own that affected my entire family. I chose to listen to my own heart and inner wisdom. Pain is a great teacher and when we are willing to listen to the messages it carries, we find out what we are made of. Each experience becomes a learning experience and that is where the breakthroughs come alive and give birth to new inspirations and joy. For as long as I can remember; my journey has been one of a “seeker and a learner”. I am grateful for the many wonderful lessons I have attracted and know each one has brought me closer to living a fulfilled life. Sharing what inspires me the most is what makes me tick.

My journey has now led me to the discovery of PSYCH-K. Once I experienced its simple yet profound and lasting results, I immediately felt a sense of passion and enthusiasm about becoming a certified facilitator. PSYCH-K is the most effective process I have found, that is scientifically proven to find limiting beliefs in the subconscious, quickly and easily to facilitate lasting change.

A Desire to make a Difference is what inspires me the most. I experience a deep sense of joy, each time I facilitate and connect with the true essence of another. I support and gently guide clients to be at home in their bodies, minds and spirits, and awaken to the possibilities within to express who they truly are.

“It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work, and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.” - Wendell Berry


“Stephanie, I would like to thank you for working with me with Psyche K. The results have been quite amazing and occurred very rapidly after our session. I was looking to relieve my constant anxiety and it definitely worked for me. I look forward to working with you for assistance with my other issues. This is a great technique. Many thanks.”

Joanna H. - Portland, Oregon

“Thank you, Stephanie, for the discovery of my subconscious beliefs and transformation. It has led to wonderful wins for me, and the people I love and serve. Thanks to your gifts of intuition and compassion, I now work with my whole self rather than only part of my self.”

Jean C. - Toronto, Canada

“Doing Psych-K with you, Stephanie is changing my life. Your unique abilities, along with your training helped me to find the core of what was holding me back. I feel so much freer and happier since doing this process with you. I would definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to come into congruence and union with themselves!”

Kate M. - Basel, Switzerland

“My first PSYCH-K session was so amazingly easy that I did not expect the results I received! In short, I was guided through my thoughts & emotions surrounding a particular situation and received new insights, from the positive visuals & affirmations provided. I have to say that my attachment to this situation has literally been removed! I am still enjoying the re-programming effects and grateful for being introduced to this simple yet effective technique and would recommend to anyone that believes change has to be hard.”

Janet P. - Rancho Mirage, California

Qigong Energy Balancing Session

“I have had the pleasure of sharing several energy balancing sessions with Stephanie. Her sharp intuition is truly a gift! While I do not understand her technique, I can tell you that she has many “tricks in her bag” of energy healing, and I have been blessed by the sessions. As we move through this powerful process together, energetically I can feel the change happening during & afterwards! I believe that energy, created by our experiences, gets stuck in our body and is a contributing cause of disease, if it is not cleared & released. Through this safe & loving session, Stephanie will assist your body in letting go, strengthening and moving your energy into perfect balance!”

Janet P. - Rancho Mirage, California