Energy Healing Sessions

Everything starts out as energy, as an idea, a thought or an inspiration. Each living being has a life-force energy. It may be referred to as Qi, Chi, Ki and Prana. These energies flow through many different channels in our bodies. When the body is out of balance, ill, in pain or emotionally disturbed, the energy becomes out of tune, out of balance, blocked or weak. Energetic Medicine or Energy Healing is the practice of using the flow of energy as a medium for healing. It is based on the biophysics of the body. Energy is a vital, living moving force that is integral to our optimum health, wellness and happiness.

With the assistance of my intuition and calling on the knowledge I have attained as a Qigong Practitioner, my job is to simply hold an intention and a space for a balance or healing to occur. Some people think energy healing is the same as faith healing. It is not. There is no religious prerequisite for an energy healing to occur. Energy healing does not require any religious deity or an entity outside of oneself to do the healing.

Energy healing has been documented and scientifically proven many times. In Itzhak Bentov's 1977 book Stalking the Wild Pendulum, he states," we may look at disease as being out-of-tune behavior of one or another of our organs of the body. When a strong harmonizing rhythm is applied to it, the interference pattern of waves, which is the organ, may start beating in tune again." The practitioner is trained to hold and sustain a high frequency. When they are in proximity of someone who is in pain, the client's body will resonate and entrain to that of the practitioners. Bruce Burger in his book Esoteric Anatomy: The Body as Consciousness writes," Sympathetic resonance describes the tendency of two-wave forms with the same degree of arc to vibrate sympathetically together, energizing and communicating universally with each other. Thus wave forms of the same length and frequency will entrain and influence each other and create a vibrational change.

Qigong Energy healing is used to release stress and tension, relieve headaches, stimulate immune function, enhance digestion, treat illness and improve memory.

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Additional Books
Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine by Harriet Beinfield, L. Ac. and Efrem Korngold, L.Ac., O.M.D.

Energy Medicine by James L. Oschman Churchill

Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber

Infinite Mind: Science of Human Vibrations of Consciousness by Valerie V. Hunt