Energy and Beliefs

According to Einstein, everything is energy, that both seen (physical) and unseen (metaphysical) is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything that exists in nature, sounds, colors, thoughts, emotions, the chair you are sitting on, your house, your body, your ability to see, hear, smell, absolutely everything is a result of this energy.

According to quantum physics, energy when observed, acts in response in exact proportion to the thoughts and beliefs of the person doing the experiment, i.e. the physical outcome is based on the perception of the thinker. Our lives become what we imagine, what we believe in most. Just like a mirror, our world reflects the sum total of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

You are the powerful creator of your reality and not the victim of events or circumstances that surround you. If you believe consciously or subconsciously that something is impossible or difficult to come by, the projected energy will reflect back to reality, to match your belief of difficulty. Similarly, anything that you believe is effortless, becomes much easier to acquire.

Thoughts come from beliefs formed through our experiences over time. We have free will that is the function of the conscious mind, but our subconscious mind is really the computer chip that controls how we live our lives. Our beliefs are filters for reality and so we see the world not as it is, but as we are, as we perceive and believe it to be.

The majority of these beliefs are formed before the age of seven, with many of them being self-limiting and not serving us anymore. Yet, we still run our lives according to those old limiting beliefs.

You can transform your life, one belief at a time. Because we are all inter-connected, when you change your life for the better, you positively change lives around you as well.